Earthquakes information are usually available through IRIS and USGS open-data; however, the way of data querying is limited and sometimes complicated. To facilitate earthquake research, I made a MySQL databse, which is a unique copy of the global seismic events from USGS (since 2010), and the station, network information from IRIS. Seismic events (white) and stations (red) in the database
  • 226,410 events with M3.0+
  • 992 networks and 57,575 stations
  • 8,173,763 event-station pairs

  • APIs
  • Search earthquake by State name
  • Group by earthquakes in each state or searth events with multiple filters
  • Search events recorded in a specific station
  • Search events products

  • Details
    Currently the DB is focusing on the earthquake and station contents. From a database management view, a person table can help track the event products easily, and the institude (i.e. USGS, SCEC, NCEC, PNSN etc) is also built-in the DB for the future usage. An ER model design is shown below.

    Link to the DB (Last available 12/21/21)